Altair® HyperLife®.

Fatigue Life and Durability Prediction Workflow

HyperLife is an easy-to-learn fatigue analysis software developed on a solver-neutral framework.

It provides a comprehensive toolset for durability analysis, directly interfacing with all the major finite element analysis (FEA) results files. With an embedded material library, HyperLife enables prediction of fatigue life under repetitive loadings experienced in a wide range of industrial applications. It includes numerous certification guidelines and the open and customizable environment allows easy adjustments to in-house methods and requirements.

Why HyperLife?



The intuitive easy-to-learn and use GUI enables novices or experts to perform fatigue life predictions efficiently.

Solver Neutral

Solver Neutral

Input FEA results data from most commonly-used, commercial solvers.

Accelerate Decisions

Accelerate Decisions

Change analysis settings without starting a new session, thereby accelerating decision-making and saving time and money.

Key Features

Available Modules

Available fatigue life modules include: Uniaxial SN / EN, Multiaxial SN / EN, Dang Van (FOS), and Weld Fatigue (Spot Weld and Seam Weld).


A comprehensive embedded material database within the standard installation (// HyperLife also supports all the major weld regulations including FKM, DVS-1612, DVS-1608 and Eurocode-3.


Weld Fatigue assessment is available for Spot Welds and Seam Welds, based respectively on RUPP and VOLVO methods.

Signal Processing

A simple yet robust signal processing within the LoadMap utility. Durability can be automatically or manually derived for pairing FEA load cases with fatigue load history files.


Review fatigue analysis settings before starting the run. Once the analysis is completed, the results can then be used to visualize contours plots and histograms.


HyperLife offers a complete tool kit of utilities to manage the largest, most complex FE data, including loadmapper, Reports, and more.

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